Case Studies

Successful SEO Case Studies

Our Real Proof Speaks For Themselves

421.89% Organic Search Traffic Increase in 3 months

This client is an e-commerce online store in the very competitive market. We started the work in June of 2016. Within just 3 months, we took client’s website from the outside of top 100 to the first page of Google for many tough keywords. The website monthly visitors has increased 162.42% from 769 to 2018.

The monthly organic search traffic has increased 421.89% from 265 to 1383. The organic search traffic has contributed 68.5% of overall traffic in September, which increased from 34.5% in June.

Client’s feedback “ Wanted you to know how pleased we are with your SEO job. I am really happy to see today that we were the #1 unpaid spot for Google and really happy with all the results in the report. We’re thrilled with the orders we are getting from the site. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"

“Property Management” from #94 to #6 in 5 months.

In only 5 months, we have taken client's site form #94 to #6 in what is a very competitive environment.
And the other keywords like "Property managers" "property management Auckland" "property managers Auckland" "Rental property management" etc are all on the front page now.

“Architect” from non-ranking to #6 in 5 months.

Brand new website, in only 5 months, has been increased from non-ranking to #6 for the highly competitive keyword "Architect". Another super competitive keyword "Architect Auckland" is sitting on the #5 now.

Dominated "Drain unblockers Auckland" in 4 months.

When searching "Drain unblockers Auckland", 2 of top 5 results are our clients, and both of them were not in top 30 when we started the work 4 months ago. And "drain unblocking Auckland" "drainage unblocking Auckland" "blocked drain Auckland" all on the top 10 now!

Tough Keyword "Digital Marketing", from #200+ to #4 in 5 months

We had taken our partner's site Haper Digital to #4 from #200+ in 5 months for pretty tough keywords "Digital Marketing".

As other easier related keywords like "Digital marketing agency", we've on the top page months ago.

Competitive Keyword "Digger Hire", from Non-ranking to #8 in only 1 month

Client's brand new website from no ranking to #8 within one month for the competitive keyword "Digger Hire", the other keyword "Digger hire Auckland" on the front page as well.

"IT Services Auckland" from #73 to #4 in 5 months

Highly competitive keywords "IT Services Auckland" from #73 to #4 in 5 months for our client, the related keywords "IT Support Auckland" "IT Security Services Auckland" "Managed IT Services" etc are all on the front page as well.

"Website development North shore" from Non-ranking to #5 in 4 months

Brand new client's website, the project began in September 2017, from non-ranking to #5 in 4 months.The other related keywords like "website design North shore", "website developer North shore" "website designer North shore" etc are all on the front page now :-)

"Business Mentoring" from #146 to #5 in 6 months

Highly competitive keywords "Business mentoring" from #146 to #5 in 6 months for our client, the related keywords "Business mentor Auckland" "Business coaching Auckland" etc are all on the front page as well.