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Local SEO Auckland: Build your online presence in local searches

Are you a startup or an established business looking for local SEO services in Auckland, New Zealand? Here are some tips for finding the right local SEO services to create your online visibility and outrank your competitors.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is a practice to optimise the content in order to improve the site’s rankings. Also, it works to increase the quantity and quality of website traffic to a site that it receives from the search engine’s results pages (SERP).

How does SEO work?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation, and it works to increase the exposure of a business in the search engines so that more visitors can find it with ease. It also builds the authority and credibility of a business by optimising its content and finding other quality sites to link to that content. This content optimisation leads to improving a site’s rank and boosting sales for a business.

Search engine optimization leads the target audience directly to the business rather than using various paid marketing techniques across multiple channels like TV, radio, or newspapers to find new customers. SEO can build a meaningful connection between a business and its clients if done correctly.

The most significant benefit of search engine optimisation is that it helps small business owners create fast and user-friendly websites that rank higher in the search engine results.

SEO strategies are created to inspire people from different segments to take actions such as filling out a form, leaving reviews, or purchasing services or products from a business.

How do search engines work?

A search engine works by crawling and indexing web pages. It uses web crawlers or bots to crawl through billions of old & new pages at a time to collect information from them. It works by downloading the pages, and then its bots follow the links on them to discover new content.

After discovering the web pages, the search engine adds them to its index, which could also be referred to as a vast library where other pages also reside. This library includes the links and all the relevant content associated with them. The search engine would then pick up the appropriate signals from the web pages, such as how fresh the content is, does it include relevant keywords, how users interact with it, and what type of content is included in the pages.

Search engine algorithm

Google uses various algorithms to rank content, and they are constantly updating. The main goal of these algorithms is to present the most relevant and high-quality results for search queries. When a user chooses these results, Google marks them up for future references along with the user activity on specific pages. Also, when the search engine marks those search results, it can affect the rankings of the pages in the future.

What are the reasons behind a website not ranking on search engine results?

There are various reasons when a website fails to rank on the search engine. Google cannot crawl or index a web page if the URL of the website returns an error code or there is low-quality, thin or duplicate content.

In addition, if the web pages have no index tags or contain a Robot.txt file, the search engine cannot visit or index them. That is where technical SEO and on-page, off-page content search engine optimisation come in. SEO can eliminate errors and optimise content to improve search engine rankings.

Paid vs. organic search results

Search engines show two types of results. One that is organic and requires no fee to obtain and the other one is paid search results that require the one utilizing them to pay to Google.

An example of paid results is Google Ads which show beneath the organic results. SEO services can utilize both of them in a local SEO marketing campaign.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimising website content to increase traffic leads and establish its online presence in the local searches. Although both traditional & local SEO works the same way, the competition level for a business is not the same. While conventional SEO involves optimising web content to rank in the global searches, local SEO is more focused on a limited geographical region. It is all about increasing the online visibility of a business, be it an eCommerce store or a brick-and-mortar store or office.

From claiming the business listings to managing online ratings, reviews, and social media accounts, local SEO ensures that a business appears on the local search engine results and google maps.

Local searches take place on Google and even other search engines like Bing, Yelp, Apple maps, etc. However, as Google has more market share worldwide, it is understandable that most of the searches are taking place on it. So, we will be only talking about Google here.

The importance of SEO Auckland for a local business

Does your business provide local services to people in a specific geographical location? Like Auckland? If yes, then do you know that local SEO could increase your customer base and reputation both. It would also help you outrank your competitors in your area.

Even if you are not looking to invest in SEO for your local business, other businesses around you must be trying to gain benefit from it. All companies look for local SEO to implement because more than 46% of the users search on Google to find products and services nearby. This means that people in your neighborhood must also be searching for businesses like yours.

Establishing online visibility

Suppose you implement local SEO to create your online presence. Your target audience will likely look for similar services and products like yours. When they find your business on the top of local search results, irrespective of whether you have a physical or an online store, they will visit it.

If your business rivals are investing in local SEO and you are not, this means they are already one step ahead of you and are getting all of the potential customers that you would have if you had ranked on the first page of Google. Even if you are offering the best products and services out of all other businesses, your potential customers won’t be able to find you if you have no online visibility. This means that those business owners implementing a local SEO strategy in their company already dominate the first page of local search results.

Whereas. if you invest in a local SEO campaign, it will have all the essential elements of an SEO strategy and local SEO marketing that will help your business rank in the local searches and the local packs.

Additionally, it will also increase your online visibility to your neighboring customers, and your business will receive the highest conversion rates, resulting in a boost in sales.

Attracting new customers

Besides drawing the local community’s attention, local SEO can also attract new customers visiting your area. New visitors don’t know what kind of local businesses are nearby, but they’ll search for one when they arrive in Auckland. Even if your business has a loyal customer base and a strong reputation, new visitors won’t visit your website or physical store based on these things. They’ll look towards Google to find answers so they will instantly find you on the top search results if you invest in local SEO. So, this move can result in gaining a new loyal customer base.

Local search through mobiles

Local SEO will also help you in outranking your competitors and earning more qualified leads. It will also list you on Google maps, social media, and other directories. When people do a local search on Google, local results from their area instantly appear. If your business is listed on Google maps, users will also know the directions to your physical services, and if your contact info is also listed, they can instantly call you up.

Also, it is observed that 76% of users who are doing a local search to find products or services nearby are more likely to visit it physically on the same day.

If you establish local SEO for your business, you’ll get customers who are even searching for services or products on a whim.

People trust a local business

While it is true that large multinational companies take a significant space in the overall market, local enterprises are not far behind in the competition. People tend to visit a local business because of its affordability and also if they want to support the local economy.

Not everyone wishes to buy from multinational brands or an online store. Sometimes people also want to visit a physical store, bakery, or restaurant. This is proven because of the rapid growth of local searches through mobiles devices. Local communities wish to get more relevant results through Google. So, even if you have a small business in Auckland, you can still get a significant portion of traffic with local SEO, which will improve the relevancy and consistency of your information in your website or Google directories.

Local SEO is inexpensive

Local SEO is the most inexpensive marketing technique. However, a digital marketing strategy can also put your business at the forefront and ensure quality results. But it could also become expensive, and its effects can decline after some time. Moreover, People trust organic search results from SEO more than paid results. But on the other hand, local SEO can take some time to show results. However, implementing a combined local SEO and a digital marketing strategy like Google Ads can result in the more rapid growth of your business.

Digital marketing can rank you on those competitive and target keywords, which SEO will have difficulty ranking. It will also boost your SEO campaign and grow more outreach for your business by advertising on various social media platforms.

That is why local SEO is essential

Often business owners feel that they can manage their business and SEO campaigns. But on the other hand, search engines are continuously changing their algorithm and ranking factors, so an SEO campaign must be updated regularly. Otherwise, a business will fall behind in the competition.

From balancing an SEO campaign to running a business and daily life, it could become exhausting for a business owner to always stay ahead in the competition and on the first page of Google results. If your business is growing, it is no mean feat to take care of everything. In that case, it is advisable to hire a local SEO company who are also digital marketing experts to devise a local SEO marketing strategy for your business.

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO works precisely as a traditional SEO would. When users search for a query on Google it pulls out the most relevant data matching the query. However, a local SEO is unique. If a person does a local search on Google, the search engine uses only local ranking factors to rank the website or physical business.

A local search engine results page (SERP) is divided into two parts: Google map pack, a local pack consisting of the top three businesses, and organic search results that only target the local intent of the search.

The local pack ranking factors

If a business appears in the local pack, they have more chances of appearing at the top of SERP, especially on mobile devices. Google looks for some factors to rank a business in the local pack. These are:

Google my business:

It may be the easiest method of creating the online presence of your local business in Auckland, at the same time when users are looking for similar companies like yours. If you are listed in Google my business, local clients can easily find your services and connect with you through phone numbers or by leaving reviews.

Google my business categories

While listing in Google my business, you must ensure that you selected the relevant primary and secondary categories. It will help Google understand what your business is about so it can show you effectively in relevant local searches. You can choose a primary category representing your whole business, while in the other nine secondary categories, you can mention the services and products your business offers.

Choosing the right category to represent your business will improve your online visibility for local search results. If you choose wrong, it can negatively impact your overall search engine rankings and conversion rates.

How close the address is from the point of local search

The proximity of your business location from the point of local search determines if it is likely to show up in the Google search results or not. However, to rank for this factor is not in our hands. But suppose you keep your NAP (name, address, phone numbers) consistent across your local listings, website, and online directories. In that case, your business will likely appear as soon as a user searches for similar services like yours from a nearby location.

Location of the business in the city where users are searching

Google cares about its users’ convenience, so it only pulls out proximity and location-based results for local searches. So, the location of your business is an important ranking factor. Other than keeping your NAP consistent across your local listings, you can also optimise specific keywords for your business services around the location.

You can include information such as the neighborhood name, and intersections, on your website. So, other than listing your business’s physical address, you can also add more information about its location for a precise search result.

Local clients reviews of the services or products

Reviews from clients are a powerful tool to showcase the credibility of a business in Google results. Over the last years, Google has been using reviews to rank the trustworthiness of a business as the search engine understands that they can affect the users’ perception and decisions.

An SEO company could work wonders for a local business to create an online marketing strategy to target an audience interested in your business’s services. Other than that, it will also ensure that your local business will get positive and relevant reviews. If you get a bad review, the SEO agency will know how to map out a plan and respond to it.


Google also evaluates a site’s authority and trustworthiness by checking the quality of its backlinks. Only partnering with websites with domain authority in the Google results can increase your site’s ranking. Although acquiring local links that have quality can be quite challenging, that will make them more valuable in the long run. Using only a few but quality links will drive more traffic, which can result in boosting sales and thus achieving your business goals.

Local organic search ranking factors

Other than appearing in google maps and local pack, you would also want that your business is shown in the organic results. Here are some of the local organic ranking factors that every business must consider.

On-Page content & right keywords

While improving your website’s online visibility, using the right keywords and quality content creation matters. Local SEO experts are experienced in finding the specific keywords phrases that local searchers use to find a relevant business or services nearby them. When these relevant keywords are adequately utilized on your website, they can help your web pages appear in relevant searches.

Schema markup

Google and other major search engines recognize schema markup. It is a kind of microdata (vocabulary tags) that could be added to the HTML of your website content and enhances the rich snippets that are displayed in search engine results. It helps improve the way the search engine represents your web pages.

Link building

Link-building strategies play a significant role in the local pack as well as in the organic search rankings. You can apply the same link-building strategy that you used with the local pack. Besides earning quality links from other websites, you must also have quality content. Combined, Google will have more ease in understanding that your links and content are relevant. This can increase the chances of your business website appearing in organic rankings.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Google gives priority to user experience for mobile-friendly websites over others. If your website is unresponsive and won’t adjust or load on mobile devices, users won’t visit it, which can hurt its online visibility in the organic rankings.

Google identifies users’ interaction with a website by determining the click-through-rate (CTR) from search results to your website. If a user doesn’t spend much time on a website and comes back to the search page, Google implies that the website content is irrelevant for local search queries or doesn’t meet users’ requirements.

These ranking factors might appear not much impactful to rank a website or physical business in the local search results. Still, this fact can’t be ignored that they are a cog in the giant mechanism of local SEO strategies.

How to find the right Auckland SEO agency for implementing local SEO?

An SEO campaign ensures that Google’s algorithm likes your website enough to rank it for local search queries. A higher ranking in SERP is necessary to achieve business growth.

To give life to your local SEO campaign, you need to find expert SEO Auckland services, so they can whip out an SEO strategy to build the online visibility of your business as well as improve its rankings in the local search results. If you already have an old website, they would run an SEO audit to check for technical errors blocking it from ranking otherwise.

However, suppose you have a relatively new website and business. In that case, they could create several SEO strategies to create your online visibility and improve your business’s rankings on the search engine results page. But try to search for a white-hat company that doesn’t use unethical tricks to deceive search engines and generate results.

Here are some services that an Auckland SEO agency could provide for your business growth:

SEO audit

Usually, an SEO company has an entire team of SEO audit specialists who look for different aspects of the content while running a website audit. Some would do a technical audit to eliminate errors from a website, while others would run an audit on the content to find how much it needs optimising.

After preparing a technical SEO audit report, the SEO services team will eliminate broken links from your website, improving its responsiveness. They will also optimise the website content based on the local search intent. Moreover, SEO services would set up a good SEO strategy for your local campaign to increase your website’s conversion rate.

Local on-site SEO services

They are the most critical part of local SEO and the most challenging even than link building. Local SEO services have the right tool to run a NAP audit to identify if your business name, address, and contact info are consistent through local google maps listing and online directories.

If your data is inconsistent, they will fix or update NAP citations. For an old business, a local SEO company would have to do an extensive audit because there would be a lot of inconsistencies, and much data would need to be updated or corrected.

Other than fixing NAP inconsistency, local services would also optimise your content. Your website’s landing page must be created around the specific location. So they would ensure that your content contains all the relevant keywords that would target local search queries.

Local SEO services would also use review schema markup for content creation so that search engines can understand your content and pull out your websitcontentRP, marking it as the most relevant for local search queries.

Keyword research

In order to boost a website’s rankings in local search engine rankings, SEO services would do keyword research that only targets the local search queries. For a local SEO, there are only some relevant keywords used by people, and they don’t change much. An SEO company could find those target keywords for which your competitors are ranking so that you could also benefit by implementing them in your content.

Link building strategies

A local business that has established itself in a specific location also has strong ties with that city’s businesses. So they have more opportunities to find backlinks from other websites that non-local sites cannot. An SEO company would know which Auckland businesses to tap into for backlinks as they are already doing it for decades and would choose the right website to provide quality results for your site.

Local SEO marketing

Most local SEO services also provide a combined digital marketing and local SEO strategy because they can take your business growth to unimaginable heights. Once integrated into SEO strategies, they can generate results instantly.

While SEO would target organic rankings and improve online visibility, digital marketing would grow brand awareness across social media platforms. It would also implement Google Ads to target audiences for local search queries.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a part of digital marketing, and a business needs to pay for them when a user clicks on their ads. They are shown above the organic results. But they need to be implemented carefully and only when needed because of click fraud and also because they can be expensive.

Only local SEO services with Google premier partner certifications can manage your Google Ads campaign. Nevertheless, they would have the right expertise, practice, experience, and understanding that using irrelevant keywords while targeting the wrong audience can waste time and money.

For your Auckland company, an experienced SEO Auckland services can display the Google Ads at the exact moment a user is searching for local services like yours.

A local SEO company would also adjust the Google Ads campaign with SEO services to ensure that your business will always remain at the forefront. They would also apply the remarketing technique to position Google Ads in front of prospective clients who already interacted with your website while browsing online. This would increase your brand awareness.

Both local search engine optimisation and Google Ads can help you achieve growth according to your company’s requirements. However, if you want to drive the traffic to your site for the short-term, you can choose Google Ads. But if you wish for a long-term result, SEO is the answer. Or you could decide to integrate them both in your local SEO campaign.

Social media marketing

It is observed that over 67% of customers use social media platforms to engage with businesses. However, it is not essential to advertise your business services on every media platform. SEO Auckland services understand that, and they will target only those social media platforms where your existing customers are present or where you could attract qualified leads.

Furthermore, local SEO services would do an in-depth analysis to understand social media audiences’ purchasing and interacting behavioral patterns. So, they could apply only those local SEO techniques, which will increase user engagement for your business.

Monitoring 24/7

Ethical and honest local SEO services would always provide you the chance to monitor SEO reports so that you can monitor the status of your SEO campaign.


How much would a local SEO package cost me in Auckland, New Zealand?

Various local search engine optimisation services would offer different costs of an SEO package. However, the cost would depend upon your business requirements, competition, and geographical location. Also, there are various SEO setups in Auckland, and availing one for a month from local SEO services could cost you between $350-$650 per month. In addition, a local SEO company would also charge you per page for content optimisation.

What is technical search engine optimization?

Technical SEO practices optimise a website’s server and eliminate technical errors from the content, like broken links that stop your site from ranking in search engine results.

Is there a difference between local SEO and traditional SEO?

Local search engine optimisation only focuses on a specific region and keyword research for local competition and target audience. In contrast, traditional SEO focuses on generic keyword research to rank for global search results.

Which should I choose? Google Ads or local SEO?

Google Ads and local search engine optimisation compliments each other. While Google Ads can be expensive, they can instantly generate results if you utilise them properly for a specific location and audience. With local SEO, the optimization process can take a while to show an outcome but will stay longer. Meanwhile, Google Ads can bring instant web traffic to your site.

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