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SEO Tauranga: Dominate your competitors’ online

Are you searching for local SEO Taraunga services for your business? You need not look further. Here is the complete guide on finding the perfect SEO Tauranga services to achieve business growth.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising websites to drive more traffic to them from the search engines’ organic search results. The process involves link building, creating high-quality content, and optimising it around keywords to get higher rankings in the search engine’s results.

How does SEO work?

Search engines aim to show the best and most relevant results to the users and use algorithms to rank the content. When you optimise your content, it needs to cater to their algorithm. The more optimised your content will be, the higher the chance of it ranking on the first page of the search engine, resulting in driving highly targeted traffic to your site.

To understand how search engine optimisation works, one must know how search engines find content to rank.

How does Google work?

Each search engine has a different ranking algorithm. Still, we’ll focus only on Google because it is one of the most significant search engines to rank content and the most highly used by visitors to search their queries.

Google search engines work in three steps:


A search engine crawls the web using automated programs called crawlers, which move from one page to another while following the links from the pages that they already know about or are new or updated. It then stores these web pages’ URLs in a list to look at them later.


A search engine analyses the web page that it has learned about by crawling. It tries to understand what the content represents and what the page is about. The complete information regarding the web page is then stored in Google’s index.

Showing results

When a user types a keyword in the search engine, Google tries to determine the user’s search intent and bring the highest quality of results in return. However, the quality of results depends upon many factors like the user’s location, language, device, and previous search result.

Furthermore, search results on Google are divided into two sections: Paid and organic search results.

Organic results

Organic results are based on merit, and there is no need to pay Google for them as the search engine ranks them based on a website’s trustworthiness, authority, and relevancy.

Paid results

The other search results are paid, such as Google Ads. They appear above the organic results and are ranked according to how much a person is willing to pay to drive web traffic to their site.

Ranking factors

Google looks for more than 200 factors to rank content. We don’t know what these ranking factors are, but we understand that some of these factors correlate with Google rankings. In fact, the search engine doesn’t rank websites but ranks web pages. Each page is ranked regarding the topic and the keyword phrases around which it is created.

Here are some of the factors that affect Google rankings and online visibility:


Before your content is ranked on the search engine, it needs to exist. Google discovers new content by using crawler bots that follow links on pages new or old to add them into the search engine’s index.

A webpage that doesn’t have any internal linking structure or has links with nofollow tags won’t be crawled on.


Google adopted mobile-first indexing in 2018 to check the mobile version of websites for indexing and ranking because 63% of the organic search comes from mobile devices.

Users don’t like websites that are not optimised for mobile devices, so they likely won’t engage with the content, resulting in your site losing rank in the search results.

Loading speed

Google cares about keeping its users satisfied. If your webpage takes a long time to load, it will lead to user dissatisfaction, and you won’t be able to achieve high rankings.

Search intent

Google understands the intent behind a user’s query and only picks the most relevant results to show. So, your content must align with your keywords’ search intent.


The search engine also checks for PageRank, meaning it looks for backlinks on your web page that are coming from other websites. Backlinks are interpreted as votes by Google, so the more votes your pages have, the more they will rank higher.


Not all backlinks are the same. Those who are coming from high-authority websites tend to rank higher, even if you are using a few of them.

Content quality

The freshness of content may or may not be a ranking factor depending upon the content. However, technology is moving faster, and some content needs to be updated according to it, whereas others will remain the same for an infinite time.

So, if you wish your content to succeed in organic results, it would need content optimisation. There are two ways that content can be optimised. On page-SEO & off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO means optimizing the web pages to rank well in the search engine and drive more traffic to your website. Besides creating high-quality and relevant content, it also practices optimizing the HTML tags and images to develop the authority and trustworthiness of your website. If you take all these necessary steps, on-page SEO will ensure the online visibility of your site.

Why is it important for your business in Taraunga?

Understandably, the industry is growing competitive, with several businesses now thronging the market and everyone scrambling to get highly targeted traffic to their website. If you have a company in taraunga, New Zealand, and wish to gain customers locally, the local businesses could even be more competitive. With on-page optimisation, you would be able to deliver the exact results that users want and, in return, get more ROI and maximum potential clients.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO practices link building. It means optimising your website by using links from other quality and authoritative websites to drive traffic to your site. Moreover, every link you use is intended to establish your website’s authority and credibility on the search engine rankings.

Off-page SEO not only uses link building but other tactics like influencer reach, social media, and content marketing to increase the popularity of a website on Google.

Why is it important for your business in Tauranga?

Link building is essential for your business if you wish to outrank your competitors’ websites in Taraunga. But not every link from other sites can build your site’s authority. So, even if you use a few links, they should be from quality websites that have already established their domain authority.

Off-page SEO is intended to target the right audience by improving their perception of your site. Quality links will act as an endorsement, telling the search engine that your website is valuable, resulting in a higher ranking on SERP. If your target audience perceives that your website is important, your sales will increase.

But if your business is in Tauranga, you would need different strategies to make SEO work for you locally.

Importance of local search engine optimisation Tauranga

Local search engine optimisation is a subset of SEO. Although it is not different than in terms of organic keywords research, links, and technical SEO, the focus is only on optimising the website to be found in the local search results.

The strategies for local SEO are not only used for e-commerce websites but also emphasize creating an online presence for brick and mortar businesses. However, the focus is on link building and content optimisation with local search intent.

One of the most significant benefits of local SEO is that a call button is shown directly on the Google results. If the SEO is done right, it will put your company on the top of the search result for that specific location. Anyone who will search for the keywords that align with your business will instantly find you. It is also observed that people who search locally for a business nearby will visit it physically on the same day as well.

Another benefit of local search engine optimisation is that the local results will bring your name to the forefront with a directions link to the Google maps on the users’ phones. So they could immediately contact you.

You may have a small or large business, but you won’t be able to grow if you are invisible to the local people in Tauranga. 97% of people search on Google when they wish to buy a new product or service. But if you have no online presence or are not ranking higher on the first page, you won’t get any web traffic on your website and will lose potential customers, resulting in no sales.

So, it would help if you found an SEO strategy that works for you. Nevertheless, you can also choose the way of digital marketing, like Google Ads, for your business growth. But it all depends upon your company’s and budgetary needs which way you would wish to go.


Google Ads vs. SEO: Which to choose for your Tauranga business?

Although Google Ads and SEO work differently, both are equally important and can put you top of SERP.

Search engine optimisation works to rank your website in the organic search according to the keywords in your content that align with the customers’ queries. On the other hand, Google Ads are paid promotions and work by ranking your content for targeted keyword phrases.

The role of SEO revolves around addressing clients’ needs by optimising your content and making your website more appealing for them to engage. It not only involves creating the videos, images, and content but also building the layout and design of a website to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

In comparison, Google Ads is a form of online marketing and works on targeted keyword phrases. Whenever a person clicks on the Ad, the company owner would pay for the advertising.

If you have a newly established business in Tauranga and have a particularly new website, your site reputation will take some time to build. So in the meanwhile, you can use Google Ads to target clients who are specifically interested in similar Tauranga businesses like yours.

Determining which of them works best for you is like comparing apples with oranges. Both of them might work differently, but combined, they create a long-lasting online presence for your business.

Role of SEO and Google Ads in improving Google rankings

Search engine optimisation and Google Ads can both be used as leverage to improve rankings in Google. Whereas SEO takes longer to show results, it has long-staying power. On the other hand, Google Ads can rank your website for those keywords that SEO is unable to do, but they also might cost you more and have short-term results.

But if you are looking for an immediate result that stays for a long time leveraging powers of both strategies to improve your website’s rank is an excellent way to go. The ideal outcome of using both strategies is that your content will have more visibility. Moreover, it will be shown on the first page of Google, and visitors will have the choice to click on the Ad or organic result, whichever they think is relevant for them.

To implement search engine optimisation and digital marketing strategy, your next step could be to find the right Tauranga SEO agency that would make your business grow.

How to find the right Tauranga SEO services for your business needs?

Whether you have a small company in Mount Maunganui or a large one in the more bustling area of Tauranga, an SEO strategy, if done right, will put you at the top of the competition.

If you don’t have a website, it doesn’t really matter because SEO also focuses on marketing rather than only on content optimisation. But if you have a website and your competitor is ranking way higher, then you seriously need to consider a digital marketing strategy that would also include an SEO plan.

What to look for when hiring SEO specialists in Tauranga?

An ethical SEO company always follows the best practices according to Google’s guidelines. Their SEO results might take longer to show but are also long-lasting. Unlike black-hat SEO services, which might bring you financial gain in a bit of time, their results are always short-term and can penalize your website for a lifetime.

So only look for white-hat SEO services and avoid the unethical ones at any cost. Furthermore, also dig for case studies, reviews, and information about their client retention and each industry the SEO company has served till now. Knowing about the license and certifications of SEO services will also help you make a decision.

Free Quote

Before hiring any SEO service, browse through the web to find the one which matches your requirements. Next, contact them to get a free quote. Professional SEO services would create their SEO strategies on tried and tested data and techniques and will give you a fair quote.

Customised SEO strategy

Every business has different needs and goals. So not one SEO strategy can be applied to all. An ethical SEO service will analyse your business, brand, market, and target audience to create a customised SEO plan for you. You can also give your opinions and negotiate for a plan that will increase your website traffic and sales.

Never look for a quick fix because SEO takes time to bring results, and if you wish to get results in a short time, it could harm your rankings in the long term. So, only look for those SEO experts who provide quality SEO strategies.

Digital Marketing + SEO services

Although SEO can take some time to show results, implementing it with Google Ads can create a lot of difference. An excellent digital marketing strategy combined with an SEO plan can make your business grow leaps and bounds in a short period. You can look for a digital marketing agency in Tauranga that also offers SEO services. You would get two benefits in one package.

A digital marketing agency can analyse your website data and create a Google Ads and content strategy to target keywords and audiences. SEO & Google Ads marketing will increase your conversion rate to help you gain potential clients.

SEO audit

Search for an SEO Tauranga service that will also provide you with an SEO audit. If you have an old website that is not ranking on Google, their team of SEO specialists can do an audit that would cover technical SEO, links, and content. These three are the main reasons that an SEO works. If there is a single error, even in one of these aspects, Google won’t find your website, so it won’t be able to perform at all.

Help in creating an online presence

You must be at the top of your game for your local online presence among other businesses in Tauranga. An SEO company will help you become visible online for your local audience. They will not only use SEO strategies to optimise your website but will also build a local listing for Google maps. Your clients will be able to find your address quickly that way and could also drop a review on it.


How much an SEO agency Tauranga will, charge me for SEO services?

The prices are established according to your business requirements and for how long you are hiring the services of an SEO company. It also depends how on how much content you wish to optimise. Companies also offer monthly contracts and the minimum period for SEO services is three months.

Will I be charged for SEO services consultation?

Usually, SEO experts in Tauranga don’t charge for a consultation. You can easily visit any SEO company’s website to get a free quote regarding your SEO requirements.

How will an SEO company in Tauranga keep track of my website’s ranking?

SEO companies usually use an advanced ranking tool to research keywords needed to rank for. This is how they know when the keywords move up and down in the rankings.

Would I need to buy a marketing plan with SEO services in Tauranga?

Buying a marketing plan is unnecessary, but combined with SEO strategies, it could show a tremendous output for your company. Some SEO Tauranga services would also offer you a free marketing plan with SEO services for a while.

How much time will it take to get started with search engine optimisation?

If you already have a website, an SEO company would start by conducting an audit, and as it needs to check the condition of your site thoroughly, it could take a week or two in the process.

How long will it take the SEO to show results?

It depends on the phase of your business and the competitiveness of the keyword phrases. If your business is new, but your keywords are not overly competitive, the result could be seen within weeks. However, if your keywords are highly competitive, it could take longer to achieve rankings.

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