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Top Auckland SEO Consultant You Can Trust

SEO Consultant Auckland: Helping to grow your business

Are you searching for an SEO consultant who can match your business goals? You are in the right place. Here we will guide you comprehensively on how to find the perfect SEO company that could reward your SEO efforts.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing a website or web pages to rank them in Google and other major search engines. The main goal of SEO is to drive organic traffic to a website from search engine result pages (SERP), provide more conversions, and boost sales for a company.

An SEO includes link building, keywords research, and optimizing a site’s content to make it more relevant for organic search queries.

What does it mean by SEO consultant?

SEO consultants are specialists who plan, manage and implement SEO strategies for businesses. They have a set of skills, covering various duties such as link building, planning content and SEO strategy, digital marketing, working with google analytics, and keyword research.

An SEO consultant aims to improve brand visibility, target audience and drive more traffic towards a company’s website. Moreover, they also improve a business’s ranking in the search engine results.

What SEO services does an SEO consultant provides?

An SEO consultant provides flexible SEO strategies by identifying each business’s needs. Whether it is a startup or an established company targeting a specific location in New Zealand, or a multi-national company providing services worldwide, SEO consultants would devise several SEO strategies to increase conversion rates and sales.

An SEO consultant targets three aspects of a site or web pages by managing and planning technical SEO, on-page, and off-page optimization.

Some of the services that they offer are:

Increase brand visibility & its clients

When your clients cannot find you in the search engine results, what is the point of having excellent website content? You will be only wasting precious resources and money if the search engine is unable to add your website to its index. This can happen due to various technical errors.

An SEO specialist’s job is to fix those errors by doing a technical SEO audit for a website to find errors like broken links, unresponsiveness, slow speed, duplicate content, and wrong indirect. After a technical audit, the specialist will work with web developers to fix these issues and ensure the website’s online presence and increased organic traffic from the search engines. This would help a brand be visible to potential customers.

Help a business to outrank its competitors

SEO consultants would analyze your competitors’ businesses through keyword research and identify which SEO content strategy they apply to their businesses. They would also delve deeper to look for various tactics like on-page optimization and the backlinks strategies of your competitors.

Professional SEO consultants know how you can outrank your business rivals. After looking at your competitors’ SEO strategies, they would reverse engineer it to establish a perfect SEO campaign to give you the competitive edge in outranking your rivals.

An SEO consultant would apply many actionable tasks to improve your online business. They would do a semantic analysis to determine user intent and then create structured data for your website so it can start generating accurate results on the search engine. In addition, they would also optimize your web pages and implement the proper title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, and headers so it can rank on the search engines.

Nevertheless, only an SEO consultant can understand which keywords can take a company in the right direction.

Will increase relevancy of online businesses

An SEO consultant’s goal is to optimize clients’ websites so they can rank for relevant keywords. Nonetheless, choosing the appropriate keywords can have a positive impact on your website’s search engine ranking because only relevant content can rank. Moreover, users only consider the first page results of search engines and don’t bother browsing for sites on other pages.

There is a saying, “out of mind, out of sight.” If your webpages are not relevant, they won’t align with a user’s query, and as a result, they will be moved further down the rank, becoming invisible for users.

Will do a backlink audit to improve the ranking

Backlinks can either make a business or break it. It is essential to use only quality incoming links from sites with domain authority in search engines. Otherwise, it won’t rank higher in the search results.

An SEO consultant would prepare a backlink audit using various tools to analyze the quality of backlinks directing web traffic towards your site. If there are only a few links or their quality is poor, the SEO specialist would prepare a plan to improve or fix the existing backlinks. If there is a need to use more links, they would also make sure to use quality backlinks from authoritative sites.

Help in making business decisions

SEO is not a strategy that could be ignored after implementing it once. It is constantly evolving and will keep doing that. There is user intent to understand, and industry trends keep changing all the time. Moreover, Google’s algorithm is also continuously updated. So it is not a set strategy, and only an expert SEO consultant would know how to keep up with new trends and keywords.

In addition, they would know how to use Google Analytics to make decisions regarding increased traffic. Also, they would interpret data and determine which actionable steps would work for a business and which won’t.

Give a competitive edge to a local business owner

Other than providing services for global search engine optimization services, SEO consultants can also help a local business increase its conversion rates and drive more traffic to its website in a specific geographic location.

Even if the local business is not online and has a brick-and-mortar company, an SEO consultant would provide lead generation by listing it in the Google map pack so more potential clients can find it with ease. Furthermore, they would also align the business’s goals with user intent to achieve top rankings.

Local competition for a company could be challenging if similar businesses are nearby. But if it ranks on the first page of organic search results, it can boost the business’s online visibility and sales, as users find organic rankings more trustworthy.

Build digital marketing strategies

Marketing is sometimes overlooked in search engine optimization, but an SEO specialist understands its importance. They would know what marketing techniques to implement in an SEO plan to gain more web traffic and more conversions for your company.

An SEO consultant would explore various social media platforms to understand the purchasing decisions of your target audience, their intent, and marketing trends. So, they would create an effective marketing strategy that will target only that audience who are interested in buying services from similar companies like yours.

An SEO specialist would review your competitors’ website links, landing pages, and marketing strategies to devise an SEO marketing campaign for your company. They would drive that campaign targeting only relevant social media platforms and Google, which will increase your search engine ranking. Also, they would place your company’s Ad on Google’s first page, which will increase your website traffic and boot sales.

Help the company in engaging potential customers

An SEO consulting service can help you build a positive relationship with your existing as well as potential customers. Google ranks a website by determining how much time a user spends interacting with it.

It identifies the bounce rate, and if the website is unresponsive, takes time in loading, is not mobile-friendly, the search engine does not place that site on the first spot. Moreover, the website will lose in ranking and vanish on the search results, probably placed on the last pages of Google search results.

Users only consider the first pages of Google as the most relevant results. So when they visit a website with relevant content, it can increase their engagement time, resulting in the site ranking on the first page of Google’s results.

An SEO specialist would reduce a website’s bounce rate, optimize its loading speed, increase its relevancy, and will build it to be mobile devices friendly.

How to find the right SEO consulting services for your company?

If you have a solid knowledge of SEO practices, you can always hire an in-house team to overlook search engine optimization for your company. But for many small companies, hiring a full-time SEO team is not possible because of funds shortage. That’s where the services of an SEO consultant come in. Outsourcing SEO services can be cost-effective and will also save your other resources so that you can dedicate your time to your company.

Choosing the right SEO consulting services for your business is a time-consuming process and needs considering an SEO company’s knowledge, experience, and industry focus. Search engines are evolving, and because of that, mastering SEO can become pretty challenging. However, anything can be done if a person puts their mind to it.

Expert SEO consultants usually have decades of experience, and in the meanwhile, they have already mastered the art of keeping pace with the latest SEO trends.

The list of what SEO services could offer you will cover all the important aspects of local SEO, digital marketing, link building, conversion optimization, etc.

How to kick start your search for an SEO consulting service?

People don’t usually refer to a company whose services they don’t like. So, word of mouth plays a vital role while looking for experienced & professional services.

A significant chance would be that someone near you is already using search engine optimization, and they could refer you to that SEO company. Or browsing the internet for SEO consulting firms could also reward your SEO efforts, but not every company with a higher rank on Google can fulfill your requirements. You would also have to look for proof, like proven results case studies, and don’t forget to consider your budget.

Check for an SEO service’s listing on online directories and see their satisfied clientele reviews. Furthermore, you can also ask about SEO specialists on social media. A good SEO consultant firm usually has a solid profile on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

You would also find various SEO consultants groups where clients are always flocking around and leaving good reviews. There might be a bad reputation for SEO services in the industry, but sometimes the company’s goals do not match the SEO services provided. It might be because there are also some companies doing black-hat SEO practices that could harm a business’s growth in the long term.

But you must look for only ethical white-hat SEO consultants who have certification and various credentials to prove their experience in search engine optimization services. Rather than focusing on one part of SEO, a good company would always provide you with a team of SEO specialists who overlook different aspects to establish an SEO campaign for your company. You can gauge if that particular SEO service has an excellent profile in driving effective SEO campaigns for other companies.

Once you find a handful of SEO consulting firms, contact them to see if they are the right fit for you or not. You can ask various questions regarding your company’s requirements to determine if they can take your SEO campaign in the right direction.

Furthermore, you can also check the listed pricing of SEO packages on a consulting firm’s site to know if it aligns with your budget. But better prepared to spend some dollars because the more experienced an SEO consulting services would be, the more chances are that your SEO efforts won’t be going to waste any time.


How much would hiring an SEO consultant cost me?

SEO packages come with different costs. Mainly it depends on how many pages of your site you would need to apply SEO and how many keywords an SEO specialist would target for them.

What is website ranking?

A website’s ranking points at its position in the search engine results pages (SERP).

How can I track SEO results for my company?

Usually, SEO consulting services would also provide the metrics for your implemented SEO. You can check the results yourself and voice your opinions if you feel something is wrong. An ethical SEO company would respect that.

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