How to do SEO on Soundcloud?

How to do SEO on Soundcloud?

SEO on SoundCloud is a way to provide a vocal side of your business. Soundcloud is a tool on which you share soundtracks, vocals, and podcasts that can help your business show up a new version. How do you ask? This is the time of digital marketing and thus diverse platforms and tools help increase traffic. But how to do SEO on SoundCloud? The question is the focus of this blog. Here you will find steps in which you can show a vocal side of your business using SoundCloud. Before, diving deep into details, let’s look at the tools which provide this opportunity to upload business-related updates for free and paid packages. Are you a businessman who wants to expand your reach? You can record a business podcast and thus upload it on SoundCloud to achieve the objective.

Why Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is a tool that provides an opportunity to upload tracks related to your niche. All you need to do is to create an account and insert all the information required for you to stand out as a business artist. Soundcloud is a great tool when it comes to providing valuable information in vocals and podcasts. It serves as a vocal YouTube where vocal artists upload their tracks, and podcasts, and engage listeners.

Create a Soundcloud profile for SEO

Now, while you make a profile on SoundCloud it is crucial to add all the relevant information regarding your business. What is it about? How will it create value for people? You can upload small promos to give people an idea of the nature of your business. you can edit your profile, upload a picture, and a few steps for personal information.

Add link option.

While you edit information on your profile, you can add links to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and thus increase your reach and drive more traffic for your business podcasts. It is for the business artists who want to expand their business horizons and thus engage diverse audiences from different social media platforms. If you have a good following on social media platforms, you can share links to podcasts and promote your content. You can also share business updates and upcoming podcasts.

Upload SEO focused content

Once you are done making your profile, the next step is to start uploading your data– the podcast that provides information regarding your business. You can also upload the audio files of your business insights that you have uploaded as videos on YouTube. Hence, you can convert video content into audio and upload it to your account. It is crucial to frequently upload updated content and new ideas. However, sharing business insights or creating podcasts to guide people on business tips and tricks can help you grow your subscriber and potential listeners. You can upload multiple tracks if you wish to expand playlists. Go to settings and make a new playlist to add multiple tracks.

Soundcloud genre and mood tags

While you upload content, it is important to use tags related to your genre of podcasts because SoundCloud gives suggestions in form of genre and tags. Using tags can make your tracks discoverable. Therefore, it is crucial to add tags and moods related to your genre tags.

Keywords and Search Results

It is crucial to understand that SoundCloud is a tool for soundtracks where people will use different keywords to get relevant results. Therefore, your track title must be short and clean. why do you ask? Because small titles or artists’ names are only searched on SoundCloud. Because podcasts are found on profiles therefore users search names and titles only to meet the relevant searches. It is highly recommended to search the keywords by analyzing what type of titles people are searching for regarding your niche.

Images and Description

While you upload podcast tracks, it is also crucial to add some pictures and short descriptions to tell the objective of your podcast series and summarizes what your podcast is about. Images increase the aesthetic outlook of your profile whereas the descriptions briefly summarize the titles that you are going to discuss in the podcast. Therefore, writing description help people select which track is relevant to their searches.


While you make a free account or start a paid professional journey to highlight a vocal side of your business, SoundCloud is a good tool to help you grow your business reach and let people know about your ideas and the information you provide. However, it is important to remember that businesses that create social value for users always expand more increasing their scope and opening new opportunities for digital growth in business.

Google Serp Snippet Optimization Tool

Google Serp Snippet Optimization Tool

Google SERP snippet optimization tool tweaks the title and description to improve CTR. Because a SERP snippet previews the webpage in the search engine results pages. It contains the website title, a short description of page content, and the site URL. It updates information in the title, and meta description in such a way that becomes eye catchy for visitors and customers as they click the page. The best attractive part of any website is the Google listings. Because if you turn the google listing into an art form, it will engage people. Many companies have used this tactic of optimizing listings in a way that engages maximum traffic. But is it just about engaging traffic?

why optimize Google snippet?

The answer is yes but the authentic information if written skillfully is an assured thing to attract and may get you a high rank as well. It also depends on what quality content this snippet leads to. Here is when the google snippet becomes relevant. It is crucial to optimize google Snippets for SEO. Use keywords to get organic results. While you focus on SEO, you can optimize the details for better UX, so that the users finding your snippet relatable may click. Another idea for optimizing snippets is for marketing where marketers plugin ads to attract and persuade users to click on them and thus increase CTR. A rich snippet is a good example that google shows for some web pages of reviews, business-related and events.

Google SERPs snippet components

Google SERPs snippets contain URL, title, and meta description. This is the first impression of your web page that makes you click the page. But why do you click a page? It serves your needs. It contains the keywords that you write on the search bar to get search results. Therefore, the desired web page on SERP is your first choice. But how one ca know what people are searching for related to the niche one is writing. There are many tools that provide solutions for this. A tool SERP snippet optimizes the details to attract the people and get high ranks. Even if your page does not rank high, a good Google snippet makes you click on the page. Let’s see how the components of the snippet can be optimized to generate organic results.


Google provides 70 characters to write a title that attracts people. If the title carries keywords that people are searching for, people will click the page to see the details. However, it is crucial to understand that a title beyond 70 characters will be replaced with an ellipsis (…..). Therefore make sure to make an impression in 70 characters that people click to read the rest. In SERP snippets, pixels alternative also used to include graphic details through which people direct idea of product and business

Meta Description

A good meta description is about 156 characters. It is an integral part of google listings because it summarizes the content your web page contains. Writing a powerful summary with 140-156 characters is an art and requires an artist–an expert in the field. Therefore, if you optimize your meta description this will make people click on the web page and if the web page contains organic and updated content, it will be high in ranks on search results. But what are the key rules to writing a good meta description?

    • Keep it within character limits and define the objective of web pages summaries of the crux of the content
    • It must focus on the key phrase and long-tail keywords but it should not be overfilled with keywords.
    • it should look like a query that will serve people’s searches. The strategies like a call to action and emotional emojis could be used to persuade people and increase CTR.


A URL tells about the domain name and specific page it will lead you once you click. So, it is crucial to optimize the information for better results. Google may show breadcrumbs links in search results.

Hence, the Google snippet tool helps to optimize the information that appears on snippets. It introduces a hierarchy of your website and thus makes you reliable for user experience. Because a well-structured hierarchy is what attracts the most as it contains all the relevant information and pixel alternative that persuades people to visit your site.

What is Big Data Analytics and Why It is Important?

What is Big Data Analytics and Why It is Important?

Big data analytics is important as this is the age of big data. It is a study of the huge amount of stored data to extract behavior patterns. Big data is made at high speed and contains volume, variety, and veracity. Because only social media platforms generate almost 500 terabytes of data. This data comprises documents, pictures, and videos. Our smartphones, tablets and GPS devices, bank cards generate more than 2.5 trillion bytes of information each day. So how can we use all this information? Here is when big data analytics becomes relevant. The integration of technology and mathematics works and analyzes all big data from different resources. It extracts valuable data and is thus used by companies and governments.
Now, the question is why companies or governments need this and how extracted data serve any means for these working bodies? To understand this, let’s look into the types and how these work? There are three types of data: structured, that contains data related Xl sheets, main frame and more. The unstructured data contains social media platforms and hybrid structured data contains marketing data, e-commerce and more. All these categories contains different types of data.
This big data can be analyzed using four types of analytics such as


It describes the past happenings based on the data available in form of reports and graphics.


It links to descriptive type as diagnostic analytics seeks to understand why such happening happened in the past. It brings more details of descriptive analysis.


It is a resourceful analysis type for companies as it analyzes data to understand what could happen from the events that happened in the past.


It depends on Automation processing or a/b testing as it brings a solution to the accruing problem. Because it works with descriptive and predictive analytics. The system analyzes and predicts data and provides solutions as to how to proceed according to them by recommending solutions. For example, what are the best template suggestions for your website and thus recommending options? Big data analytics help businesses understand the UX better. Because it finds overlooked opportunities and services and thus helps to understand how one can make the best use of these. It also helps to navigate how one can mitigate fraud.

Big Data Analytics Tools

There are different tools to analyze the various fields of data such as healthcare, transportation and more. Different tools help in the process of analytics of data from different field. The tools that analyze data are as such

    • Hadoop helps in storing and analyzing data.
    • Talend integrates and manages data
    • Kafka tool that is fault-tolerant storage.

Big Data Analytics Process

Now, to understand the analytics, you need to understand the steps of the analytics process. How does one do analytics?

Step#1: Evaluation

In this step, the business problem is brought to the table and the teams describe the causes of setting particular goals related to this analytics.

Step#2: Data Collection

In this step, the big data collection starts where the process of collecting data from different resources takes place. All this relevant data may provide value to the particular category your company is targeting. It is then the data filtering process starts.

Step#3: Data Extraction

After filtering the data, the process of sorting out relevant data takes place. Because once you identified the relevant data, the filtering and extracting help narrow down the data of the targeted category. Thus, the extracted data is then going through the process of integration with different data sets of the same category.

Step#4: Data Analysis

Now, the fun part begins, when using tools to analyze all the extracted data and thus find the useful information.

Step#5: Creating Visuals of Analytics

Here, you can use different tools such as Tableau and Power BI to create visuals for your analytics.

Step#6: Data Analytics Results

Lastly, the data analytics results have complied to provide to stakeholders who then take further action.

Hence, the process of data analytics goes through different steps that help to identify, filter, extract and analyze data. In the digital world, the data serves as oil to any company therefore big data becomes resourceful. It provides crucial information that saves time, reduces cost and creates new ideas regarding products and services of your company.

How much does SEO cost? The true price of SEO services in 2022

How much does SEO cost? The true price of SEO services in 2022

The true price of SEO services as it remains ambiguous how much does SEO cost in 2022? It is difficult to navigate and tell the exact price for SEO services. Because different SEO strategies and tools work in a different ways and thus services may charge more or less. SEO has become an integral part of online business to expand the scope of business and increase reach. The companies hire SEO agencies to increase their scope of business and get a high rank on search results. Because SEO agencies have solutions and strategies to boost ranking and visibility therefore they charge according to the needs and demands of a company. Thus, the amount these companies charge for SEO services could be denoted as customized costs. In this blog, you will find insights about relevant SEO costs in 2022.

Factors Affecting SEO Cost

While different SEO plans and packages are used can boost performance, it is crucial to focus on these factors that may affect SEO cost and your website performance.

    • SEO pricing model
    • SEO goals
    • Service provider’s professional
    • experiences and digital
    • reputation
    • Service provider’s location
    • SEO aggressiveness
    • Client’s business size

SEO Hourly packages

There are different SEO services packages for different company setups. If you have just started a business you may need to focus on how you can establish your business so much so that it survives and somewhat generate ROI. Whereas SEO hourly packages cost $50-$250 and small companies will consider buying a few services on an hourly-based package. But the hourly package is not a choice of big companies as these are striving to achieve long-term goals. Taking hourly packages may prove insufficient and does not fulfill the required outcomes. However, the people running small startups may take up this option to boost their performance in certain areas.

SEO Services Monthly cost in 2022

The big marketing companies buy monthly SEO packages to meet the required needs. These companies buy these packages to boost SEO performance for search results. Though the monthly packages offer a limited scope of services such as keywords, competitors analytics, technical SEO, content writing and marketing audit, link building, digital PR, reports, insights, and more. These packages range from $8000 to $15000. it depends on which SEO agency you are selecting and what services they are providing within the monthly package. A good strategy is to compare rates and results agencies produce. Thorough research on online resources is a good way of judging these ideas.

Project-Based SEO services Cost

SEO services pricing varies for projects but an average project-based cost will be $5000-$30000. It also depends on what project requires and which options you can take and deny for your project to excel. But in a package, there are mentioned strategies and tools that work to improve performance. Therefore, selecting the right package is the key to improving performance while getting within-budget services.


Consultancy is the expensive and the most professional type of plan that you take up for your business to grow. In consultancy, you get professional ideas from experts and celebrities in the field who give consultancy to companies’ workers or provide solutions that work effectively. But as their work is of an expert level, they charge more. A consultant may charge $5000 for a one-time consultancy and charge more for long-term projects. Their fee is highly dependent on their performance. Because they are experts so they charge and bring results. There are many SEO consultants famous and reliable in getting SEO services that immensely improve the scope of your business. For example, JustSEO is a famous company in New Zealand that provides consultancy and services to boost website performance for better results.

What SEO services to select in 2022?

SEO is an organic method to boost performance and make web pages visible on search results. The organic results are authentic resources that stay at the top searches for a while. Therefore, it is crucial to choose relevant SEO services that cover factors that may affect the SEO cost and bring desired outcomes. If yours is a big company, you would not mind hiring a consultant to get a professional upgrade to your business strategies. However, if you are a startup or running a business while improving it, you need to take monthly or project-based packages that serve your needs in the best way possible. For this, you need to go through thorough research about resources and their scope, compare options and make a decision.

Google My Business Reviews Guide

Google My Business Reviews Guide

Google my business reviews work as a guide for people who are searching for a product or service. Google reviews are an integral part of a website. The reviews let people know about user experience and thus make people buy and take the offered services. Whenever you search for some hotel or food restaurant, the search engines get you the top searches from which you can select your desired options. The reviews are a powerful thing that serves as a human guide. Because if people are searching for something on Google, they see ratings and read reviews that help them make decisions.
If a product or service has a rating above 4, it means it has good reviews and thus good services. But if it is below 4, it does not have good reviews as people share their bad experiences in reviews that help other people not to select this search result as an option. Despite asking for people’s recommendations, people read reviews and feedback to select something. Therefore reviews are an integral part of the Google my Business profile. Now, the question is how one can focus on getting feedback and good reviews from customers? The answer is the interaction between the customer and the profile manager. For this let’s see how Google My Business profile is a source of authenticity.

Google My Business Profile

Google My Business profile tells people what your business is about, where is located, what are the timings, what people think about your business, and what they ask regarding your business. The listings page is one where business owners provide all details accurately and concisely because if there is written information that is not authentic, it will damage your credibility.

Once you optimize your listings, you will experience a change in how people are visiting your web page. If your business profile is verified, it will show up map details of location and gain customers’ trust. Because if your searchability increase on google, your customer will consider the website as a high-rank option available on SERPs.

Google My Business Reviews

In Google listings, one crucial aspect is reviews that help people navigate if they should select a search result as a potential option? People write reviews to share their experiences with a brand. Their good or bad reviews directly impact your business. But what you can do to get quality reviews in good quantity?

Authentic information and Good services

If your profile is verified and has authentic information written in listings, and your business provides favorable services, you will drive more traffic and conversion rates as if people trust your site they will become potential customers and loyalists.

Ask People to share a review

The best way to get more reviews is by asking people to write reviews. When people purchase or take services, you can ask them to write a review and let you know about their experience. You can share a link in which people can rate their experiences, and write and share pictures.

Sharing a link for feedback and reviews increases the chance to get more reviews and understand what people think about your services and how you can improve. You can write a thanking note by email and ask customers to share their experiences providing them a link. Another way to get reviews and feedback is to call customers and ask about their experiences by asking 4-5 questions related to services. The feedback will help you improve and you can update their feedback for the records.

Reviews as FAQS

At times, reviews work like FAQs, if you are interactive with people, respond to their queries, thank them for their reviews and improve if they point to something which is not going well. But you can also respond to bad reviews if your services are good but still, people write negative things. Here is when reviews turn into faqs where you can guide people and provide details if they are confused about something. These reviews are often intended to lower your ratings so be aware of these reviews.

Influencer’s Review of your Business

There are ways to boost your reviews and one is to get reviews from influencers. People follow what influencers deem a relevant resource. If some celebrity or Mid-Tier influencer writes a review and shares a picture it will surely engage more people and make your product and services authentic on which people rely.

Google my business reviews are an integral part of any business that serves as a guide for people and lets them decide if they should consider it as an option or not. However, there are different SEO strategies and marketing tactics that help you boost your reviews for better results.
SEO Cname versus 301 redirect

SEO Cname versus 301 redirect

While searching on Google, some page results appear on SERPs as 404 errors. It is a bad user experience because the page title that suited your search did not find any results. It shatters expectations related to this search result. Here is when redirects become relevant. A 301 redirect is when you tell google that you have a new domain name and want to shift traffic to this new domain name. It may take a few days to complete the process. 301 redirect could be thought of as changing an address. 301 redirect is a reliable source to shift traffic by redirecting from one URL to another. Another way is to make a CNAME record that maps a domain name to another Canonical domain name(CNAME). So, for SEO 301 redirects or CNAME, what will you choose?

SEO CNAME records versus 301 redirects

With Cname records you can map URLs as an alias to the canonical domain. It means if the IP address map to that canonical domain name changes, the Cname records will work because these point to the root domain. It is resourceful when running multiple services from single IP. For example, is a domain name as an alias to CNAME If you have three different URLs.,, and The first URL would be a canonical domain that points toward your site’s IP address. When you set up a Cname record that redirects the 2nd to 1st domain. Whereas you have a third name registered for which you may create a 2nd record that redirects 3rd to 1st domain. However, a canonical name must always be a domain name and not another IP address.

CNAME Set up

To set up a record to point a towards its canonical domain. For this, Go to the domain tab and click DNS and scroll down to the Cname section. Here, you have options for different setups. Once you click to add a record that is www. and point to which is the canonical domain. Whereas a TTL option shows how often you should update a DNS record. It shows time options such as 4 hours as a minimum time to 7 days maximum time. Then, you click to create records. It is crucial to remember that you can set up multiple Cname records as per needs.

301 redirect

Whereas the 301 redirects are different in a way that you shift the URL and ranking of one domain to another. Because sometimes business owners run more than one website and they wish to shift traffic from one URL to another URL. It is also because one URL contains more updated information than the previous URL and thus can attract more traffic.

Here is when 301 redirect becomes relevant for shifting traffic from one source to another source. For example, there are two URLs, and You want Google to shift traffic from the first to the second source. Here, using 301 redirects will permanently shift traffic from one URL to another.

In the image, you can see how 301 is redirecting all relevant traffic resources from the old domain to the new domain. It is when SEO works making the second domain also a reliable source because the idea of traffic is related to ranking. It is crucial to remember that the process of redirecting may take some time. Because the search engines will take some time to find 301, and process the redirect. However, this process may take more time if search engines rarely visit the targeted web page. But once the web page is redirected from one URL to another, it will redirect the traffic, and ranking of the previous URL. There are other redirects such as 302 and 307 where 302 is a temporary redirect. But 301 is a permanent redirect. So, for SEO the 301 redirect works best as shifting traffic from one domain to another will increase the traffic and thus potential clients. If you have more updated information on the new domain URL, your web page will likely have a chance to become visible on search results.


Hence, the major difference between the CNAME record and 301 redirects is that Cname only changes one domain name to another within the same IP address. It does not redirect anything. Whereas the 301 redirects traffic and thus ranking that helps to increase the scope of business.