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10 Best YouTube Keyword Tools

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Keywords search is the best practice to get organic resources and drive more traffic. YouTube keywords differ from searching keywords on google. Thus, Youtube keyword tools help navigate the best keyword approaches to grow the audience on YouTube. The use of keywords is a practice to see connections of words within a piece of content. How one word draws a network to different works. Therefore, this blog will focus on the 10 best YouTube keyword tools and how these tools improve YouTube insights.

10 Best YouTube Keyword Tools

When it comes to keywords, it is crucially important to understand that users type and search differently on YouTube. Therefore, finding the right keyword is essential to be relatable. Once you get a keyword you can add it to the tag, meta description, and content to make it familiar among searches that people are searching using similar keywords. This changes the whole idea of how you present your content to the audience. Therefore, keyword research is a good strategy and tools are great resources to make that happen. Here are the 10 best tools that can help you find relatable keywords and transform your performance and insights on YouTube. The question is how you will use these resources to make your content stand out?

10 Best YouTube Keywords Tools

While you research YouTube keywords, these tools provide you with insights into how this keyword is going to perform and what is the scope of this keyword. You will get an idea of how a specific keyword is going to perform.


Ahref is an SEO tool and one of its features is Keyword explorer which helps track data about your relevant keyword. It has a Sleek easy-to-use dashboard and an SEO-friendly tool. When you search for your keyword, Ahrefs pulls worldwide data for the given keyword providing insights about the search volumes and thus click counts. It also provides a keyword difficulty score. Which means how difficult would it be for you to use this specific keyword? It shows you the search volume of up to 243 countries. It also shows you volumes for ten famous search engines Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Yandex, and more. Moreover, Ahref also works as a keyword generator to show key phrases similar to your keyword.  However, Its subscription is expensive but if you are getting results it’s worth buying. You can subscribe for a 7-day trial at $7 to check if it serves your needs.


TubeBuddy is a free extension to chrome that provide its users with UI data at the sidebar of YouTube video. When you type a keyword, it provides all relevant information about who has used it and what is the scope of this particular keyword. It has an easy-to-use dashboard and you can download it in no time. Therefore, TubeBuddy is an easy tool that helps you navigate the right data about whether you should take a keyword as an option or not.


It has a free version but you can choose from premium, boost, and boost+ version of the subscription that best suits your needs. With a monthly subscription fee, you will get tags 10x that help you with better performance. But the best approach is to look at how the title of a video is ranking rather than the tags rank because the tags ranking is a minimal source of improvement. If you find a video that is ranking #1 you should look for its title rather than tags as titles make people click on them.

YouTube Analytics

Youtube analytics provide you with data about what people are searching on YouTube. It provides the algorithms about how a keyword is being used and searched.


Keyword tool provides you free services of generating keywords and keyphrases from auto-suggests. Now, how this tool works? If you search for a keyword, you will find many similar results. What this tool does to these auto-suggests, is it modifies these keywords and adds or subtracts a few words that help your video to rank high. It also provides you with information on how this particular keyword will perform in different seasons. You can download keywords lists for the excel sheets but if you wish to take benefit of premium services there is a subscription fee and you can find better solutions once you paid for these services.

Google Trends

It is a free tool that provides you stats about keywords and how it is performing over time. Al, you have to do is type keywords, switch to YouTube search, and voila, you will find the all data about keywords. You will also find data in comparison to your keyword.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

All in one SEO toolset, the keyword magic tool provides you insight about a keyword from the largest data available. It provides you the search volume of up to 12 months, keyword difficulty, and SERP features that pro data for your keywords and how you can do better using this. It is various paid subscriptions such as the pro version, Guru version, and Business version with different features. All you need to do is to check the details as to which package best suits your needs.


It is the easiest tool to use as this provides insights about a search term within a few seconds. You type a keyword and it gives you numerous results of tags that you can use in search terms. It gives you data on YouTube SERPs and you find the best solution within no time. You can basic data access for free but for the pro version you can choose subscription options.

YouTube Autosuggest

It is a completely free and always available option as YouTube auto-suggests a lot of keywords and key phrases related to your search. For example, if you write cat food, you will find numerous keywords and these are not random words but search queries that people search on YouTube.

Keywords Everywhere

It is a chrome and firefox extension that provides you with the stats of how a keyword is performing, what is the click rate of this keyword and related trends. It is a hard data tool that only gets you the states on data rather than providing you suggestions on how to build a keyphrase. Moreover, some services are free but you can get other services by paying through the credit system.

There are more Youtube tools such as Kpraser, Keyword Keg, Keyword Tool Dominator, and Trending on YouTube that can help you rank high on youtube and make your content familiar to your audience. All you need to search is to see a tool that gives you more options, the best free and paid services, is easy to use, and helps you develop insights.

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