Are your web pages suffering a lack of visibility on SERPs? It’s time to analyze if you are following rights keywords. Using the right keywords is a key factor in upgrading your performance and thus driving traffic to your website. But how to find the right keywords that guarantee to rank your content high among search results? Here is when Keyword research tools come into play. Keyword research tools help to boost your analytics, thus growing your website and overall ranking on SERPs. While searching for the best option in keyword research tools for SEO growth, always look for free and easy-to-use tools. Therefore, which are 10 free Keyword research tools that will unleash SEO growth? The question is the focus of this blog.


In this blog, you will get to know the free keyword research tools that will improve the SEO performance of your website. While choosing keyword research tools, it is important to analyze which features serve your needs best and how you can use them to improve your web page performance.


SEMrush is the best tool that provides you Keyword tracker and planner to improve performance. It has the keyword magic tool to provide insight about a keyword from the largest data available. While it is the right keyword tracker tool, it provides stats on competitors’ keywords and their performance. The tool also provides you the search volume of up to 12 months, keyword difficulty, and SERP features that give data for your keywords and can you boost analytics using these keywords. The features include keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. SEO terms, and long-tail keywords. Moreover, SEMrush is a paid subscription tool with various packages available and it also provides a 14-days free trial. All you need to do is to check the details as to which package best suits your needs.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate helps you find keywords and terms people are searching on the internet. While it is feasible and easy to use, it does not guarantee to rank you high on SERPs but it has reasons to consider it as a reliable tool. It improves your keyword game in a way that it provides you with the relevant correlation of keywords and keyphrases. The expensive keyword tools overpower the industry, but this tool is not to be overlooked. Because it improves your analytics and gives you good insights about keywords that people are searching for.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz keyword explorer is an all-rounder because it provides more services related to keywords. It provides the SERP analysis and services that help in several metrics. Providing keywords that boost analytics and stats that highlight competitors’ performance is what makes Moz keyword explorer unique. And the best part is: 30 days free trial. is not it amazing?

Google Trends

Another amazing and easy-to-use keyword tool is Google trends which shows you the overall performance of a keyword at different times. The graph shows different spikes in the usage of a keyword in different seasons. It is a handy tool that helps you navigate what keyword performs best in which season.


It has a keyword chrome extension Keyword Everywhere that provides stats for keyword search volume, CPC, and competition data of 15+ websites. It is free and has premium quality services to give users a tool to boost their analytics organically and grow their website


It is the best SEO keyword tool that lets you know about keywords rankings and the ranking of both desktop and mobile users. All you need to do is put your website and the rank checking tool provides you stats about how your keywords are ranking. It also provides a keyword difficulty score. With highly efficient features, its subscription is not free. It is an expensive tool but if you are getting results it’s worth buying. You can subscribe for a 7-day trial at $7.

Keyword Tool

The keyword tool is another amazing tool that generates 750 long-tail keywords for any search term for free. This tool stands in comparison to the expensive ones as it gives free keyword suggestions. It is the best and easy-to-use keyword tool that help you improve content.


It provides 7 days of free trial in which you get actual SEO data, 1000+ keywords, and a comparison of keywords in 200+ territories all this with a risk of a free trial.

Bing Keyword Research

It is a unique keyword research tool in a way that it provides you with keywords generated from organic results and not the paid ones. It means if you use this tool to research keywords, you will get organic keywords and thus organic growth to your website.

HigherVisibility Bulk Keyword Generator

It provides data in combing the location and services of a business. In this way, the tool helps you improve your business by defining categories and thus generating related keywords. All you need to do is to select a business type and find relevant categories.

Hence, all tools are not completely free yet they have the best features that make these tools worth purchasing or adding as an extension. Moreover, the best approach is to compare the free tools and see which benefits more and how one serves differently from the other. Because every tool has unique features that other tools do not offer.