Rebranding is a risky opportunity for your brand to be a success or a bad experience. Why do you ask? Brands famously consider this tactic when they are introducing variety within the same product range. When brands decide to do rebranding they make new logos using color schemes but they change structures and patterns. This change indicates the new ideas within the same scope of products and thus allows business owners to expand the business horizon. But how to do the rebranding that becomes a turning point in a business? For this, we need to look around and find which brands have done rebranding and how they have increased the scope of their business using this tactic. In this blog, you will find insights about 5 incredible examples of successful rebranding.

5 Incredible Examples of Successful Rebranding

The examples include a different brand that used rebranding ideas on logos and products to expand the scope of business.

#1: Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin’–Identity renamed

Dunkin donuts have officially changed its name to Dunkin’ while they stick to its heritage of making donuts. But why did they remove the word donut? Because people are already familiar with their product and this brand does not need this word for marketing or branding purposes.

Therefore, removing this word provided them with a chance to experience a change in their brand and its performance. But how did they tell people about it? Here is when the marketing plan becomes relevant. Because they plan to market logos, products, packaging redesign, remodeling of stores, and more. While it updates a brand, marketers carry this change from the store to the world outside letting people know about the new version of the old brand. Thus, the takeaway of this tactic is to change words or re-brand when customers identify your products.

#2: Tupperware–rebranding to reappear as relevant

Tupperware is the best-known brand to sell reliable household products. But it has to rebrand to reappear as relevant not only for customers but for the people who were selling these products. Therefore, it is not only the legacy or renaming identity while rebranding your products. It is also about reappearing as relevant again.

#3: Domino’s–rebrand to create positive vibes

In 2009, domino’s suffered a great deal of setback where they have only 9% of shares in the pizza industry. Therefore, they decided to rebrand and create a new image of their brand. They focused on what customers liked and left what customers did not like. Thus, this brand reemerged. In 2016, it had 15% of shares in the pizza industry. It is crucial to understand that rebranding helps to create a positive image. Whenever a plan is not working, another plan works. It is also crucial to remember that working on what customers like or need should be the primary focus. Because if your business satisfies customers, it will grow.

#4: LEGO–the Apple of toys

Lego is quite famous for a rebranding option. The brand re-emerged like a sphinx rise from ashes. Why do you ask? This brand suffer a huge fall in 2003. Where the target customers–children stop liking this brand. Lego did an amazing job in introducing ideas that attracted children.

They started adding movies and Lego-themed entertainments to their franchises. It worked as they reappeared in the industry. Becuase they have removed what customers did not like and add what child liked with changing trends and technology. They were famous and had huge success in making these changes and introducing innovative ideas to their product. Now, in every country of the world, Lego is a famous children’s brand and is known as the apple of toys.

#5: Eir from Eircom–rebrand to stay in the game

Eir changed its name from Eircom to Eir. It instantly became a massive rebranding success in Ireland. Eir is a telecommunication company in Ireland. While transforming the name, they made changes in services and upgraded their products keeping UX in vision.

Thus, they started marketing the new look of their brand by consistently marketing products, brand shirts, and more. This made them stay at the top of the industry. Because staying at the top requires consistency in innovative ideas that keep customers in the loop. Change is for better outcomes.

Hence, all these 5 incredible examples of rebranding help learn the key factor of rebranding your brand. Where keeping customers a priority and introducing innovative ideas are crucially important to be on top of the game.