SEO experts produce exceptional content if provided with the best tools that suggest the all in all growth of content. Prepostseo is an all-in-one website with 95+ free online tools to help webmasters, writers, and SEO experts. It helps develop original and error-free content for search engines. The best part most of the tools are free and you can get services without even login details. However, SEO experts may consider paid service tools for the best results. But is prepostseo legit for the sake of originality and productivity of content?

The Best Tools of Prepostseo:

Among 95+ tools, these are the best tools to check your content worth.


The Plagiarism checker checks the similarity index with the Google database to ensure the originality of the content. It facilities users to check plagiarism in different languages such as Spanish, German, Turkish, and English. The main advantages of this tool include the Google extension, smartphone application, and WordPress Plugin. Although this is a paid and word range that varies with the pricing plans it offers. The highest word-count range it offers is 25000 for company premium users. It is the best tool for plagiarism checking but there is a more efficient plagiarism checker available. is one priced but quality tool that suggests words, rephrasing, and more to develop productive content. The people striving to be SEO experts can start from the free version of Grammarly as this only suggests words improvement and some grammatical mistakes. These components even ensure to provide you an insight into how to write effectively.

Article Rewriter:

Prepostseo makes your life easy by providing an article rewriter tool. As a writer, you wish to upgrade your skill with the originality of your thought than take the help of such tools. But this service tool is there to help those who want to make their work easy and not focus on creativity. The main advantages of this tool include the simple, advanced, creative, and fluent content.

Paraphrasing Tool:

To make your content error-free, you can you the technique of paraphrasing. You paraphrase already available content but this tool helps paraphrase content for you. While it is a complex extension to use, it has the best among free tools to increase your content’s readability. The main advantage of this tool includes is unlimited paraphrasing content feature as its 100%. it supports 27 languages. Simple, advanced and standard, and fluent. It makes your complex content simpler and more reliable. It has the additional feature of keywords density.

Online Grammar Checker:

online grammar checker is one of the best tools that help make your content more relevant and error-free. it makes your content rank high but with credibility. The main advantages include the 5000 limit words, spelling, punctuation error highlights and auto language detection, and free usage. The best part it shows errors in different colors.

Spellings errors have red highlights whereas punctuation errors have yellow highlights. The coloring feature makes it easy for writers to detect mistakes. This feature is similar to Grammarly and Hemingway editor. Both of these also make highlights errors using different color highlights.

DA PA Checker:

The domain authority and page authority is the best tool to make your content appear in search results. Why do you ask? it is a legitimacy checker and if your domain authority is low, it raises questions about the legitimacy of website producing content. The main advantages include its range to check almost 500 URLs at the same time, everyone can access this and take benefit from checking DA and PA, can download entire result in excel report. You do not need any technical knowledge to use it. You can enjoy its benefits using the google extension as well.

Prepostseo has many tools with additional features that provide the best results. Although most of the tools are free some are not error-free. There are some more tools such as Online Text Editor to help assist you in writing SEO-optimized content. it is free and has SEO-related advanced features. Another tool is the Image to Text Tool which helps convert images to text. The advanced feature includes a freeware OCR scanning application. It supports almost 30 languages.

Using all these tools can help you develop error-free content but for a writer to be an SEO expert, this website limits creativity. The only way to increase readability and searchability on search engines is to come up with updated information. Your contribution makes you a relevant and credible source.