It is crucial to Check Google rankings for your web page performance on SERPs. Because google rankings determine how searchable your content is. The search engine gives attention to content that has recent updates, valuable for viewers, and can generate potential leads. Therefore, ranking high becomes crucial because the top 7 searches have the highest chance to get more clicks than the rest of the pages and thus ranking among the top searches. It provides you a chance to get more clicks and become an organic searchable entity. Therefore, checking google rankings provides you with stats about how you are performing on SERPs. It also gives insights on what can you do to improve your performance among competitors. How to check google rankings and what are 8 handy tools for this process? In this blog, you will get information related to 8 handy tools to check google rankings.

8 Tools to check Google Rankings

These eight tools provide stats about your webpage performance and how you can improve your understanding of the insights provided by these tools. Let’s see how these ranks checking tools are handy and help to improve performance.

Google Search Console

It is useful to check your web page’s overall performance on search results. Google search console is a free and easy-to-use tool that you can access through a domain host. t gives information about your page’s ranks on SERPs. It provides you stats about how many impressions and clicks, and click-through rates.

To check rankings, you simply need to go to the search results tab under the performance. Click on queries to see the terms your content is getting ranked for. Make sure to select the average position in the chart to see in the table below. It is easy to use and accessible tool on google and gets you reliable stats through which you can improve the content and overall performance.


SEMrush has the keyword magic tool that provides you insight about a keyword from the largest data available. The tool has provided you stats about your keywords and how they are ranking on SERPs but it also provides you the search volume of up to 12 months, keyword difficulty, and SERP features that give data for your keywords and how you can do better using this. It is various paid subscriptions such as the pro version, Guru version, and Business version each having different features included according to subscription cost. All you need to do is to check the details as to which package best suits your needs.


It is the best SEO rank checking tool that lets you know about ranking stats, keywords rankings, and the ranking of both desktop and mobile users. Ahref has advanced features and lets you know about the local ranking. All you need to do is put your website and the rank checking tool provides you stats about how your keywords are ranking It also provides a keyword difficulty score.

Which means how difficult would it be for you to use this specific keyword? It shows you the search volume of up to 243 countries. It also shows you volumes for ten famous search engines Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Yandex, and more. Moreover, Ahref also works as a keyword generator to show key phrases similar to your keyword. However, Its subscription is expensive but if you are getting results it’s worth buying. You can subscribe for a 7-day trial at $7 to check if it serves your needs.


Another best tool to provide ranking insights is SERanking which provides marketers SEO audit, SEO reporting social media analytics, keyword ranking, and backlinks. The tool provides insights about which keyword is ranking high and how you can improve. It is a paid tool and is easily accessible.


It focuses on technical SEO and h0w your website can improve by improving technical SEO. Simply use the keyword tool to analyze which keyword is ranking high. you can also use the keyword planner tool to analyze keyword-targeted ideas. The subscription starts from $29 but you can use a 7-days of a free trial.


It is an all-rounder that provides you ranking stats, check keyword ranking, site audit, and backlinks. It provides you insights on how you can create backlinks, and use keywords that people are searching on SERPs. The unique feature is that it uses STAT which is the most advanced feature to track keyword ranking. It provides real-time results that change throughout the day. Its subscription started from $99/mo with a free trial.


SiteChecker is a comprehensive tool. It provides stats about site audit, backlinks, and ranking of focused keywords. It provides you with a stats chart about the keywords you choose to see the insights. The tool tracks keywords from different search engines including google. SiteCherker has paid subscription with 7 day free trials option.

The Hoth

It is a simple to rank checking tool that provides stats about keywords and their positions, clicks, and overall performance of these keywords on SERPs. The tools also provide insights about search volume, traffic, and the more and the best part is it’s completely free to use. Put your website link and see how keyword stats are performing.

Hence, these 8 ranks checking handy tools provide you insights about how you are improving on SERPs and what strategies and keyword planners help you improve your overall performance.