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How to optimize your Google My Business Listing

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With the help of google business listing, can any business flourish? It is true as long as the business profile is set up by using relevant details with a focus to maximize the visitors. It is highly important to optimize your Google my business listing to be on the top searches. Although this process of optimization is free yet requires a few detailed steps to follow. Your business profile is the main feature that will show up all relevant details to your business. From business descriptions to frequently asked questions, it helps visitors and clients to pick the relevant details within no time. A clear and concise outlook is necessary to increase visibility, reach maximum visitors, find potential clients, and get more reviews and feedback. All these steps help contribute to marketing your business with zero financial investment. Here is when optimizing Google my business listing comes into play. 

Accurate Details in Google Listings

Try to put all the details accurately to avoid any inconvenience for your visitors. Choosing an easy business name can help but it is not as important as the other details that will make your business stand out. These main features are the highlights of your business.

Optimizing Business Description:

The concise description of your business profile makes your business stand out. Google allows almost 750 characters to write your main selling details but the only visible characters on the front profile are 250. make sure to write the most important details with 250 characters. The remaining characters will contribute to the details.


The information on opening and closing hours of your business is a time-saving tool. It will not only allow you to be accurate but help the visitors and potential clients to reach out within time.


Google maps and the area that your business is located in will guide visitors and reach out the nearer potential clients. For example, if someone searches for nearby food places, google maps will become a referrer to the visitors. One key feature that can increase your searches is the details such as giving options: take away, dine in.


A good website with clear and detailed descriptions of products will highlight your business. for example, if you run a food business, the menu, and the details highlighted in the menu with giving prices will help your buyer to choose with clarity in mind. Be as much clarity as you can. The best service you can provide to your customer is clarity in details. One advanced feature that is a 101 thing to follow is giving reserve the table option. it will immensely help and save customers time and effort to loiter around restaurants to check if the reservation is available. Giving a reservation option with a time frame will do the work for both sides.

Phone Number:

Provide number in service with maximum availability. it will not only tell your customer about your commitment to business but allow you to take more questions from your customers.

Suggest an Edit:

An advanced feature to your business profile is the suggest edit button. It will allow your visitor to add missing details that can contribute to your business profile. although you would not be notified about the suggestion made yet you can remain updated by checking the setting option. simple go to the settings and see if suggestions made contribute to your business. If not, you can make changes.

Google My Business Visual Displays:

Another main feature is the photos specifically, the cover photo. You can add some aesthetically pleasing photos that can appeal to the eyes and mind. It will make visitors open pictures and look at your business. For example, in a restaurant–the furniture, lights, and food, create a delectable ambiance. Capturing photos of these will not only increase views but also inspire people to visit your restaurant. If you take photos of an influencer’s visit to your restaurant, it will automatically make your place authentic. As people follow their influences, so they will follow their favorite eating place as well. Adding promotional videos can also increase the chances that customers will consider your business as a suitable option.

3 Rs–Relevancy, Reviews, Relatability

These are three ranking checkers.

Relevancy check:

Be relevant in your services. The relevancy allows your business to grow and authenticate your product to your customers.

Ranking check:

Your customer reviews define your business. For example, a business with 3.9 ratings and a business with 4.6 ratings change the possibilities for your business. Almost 98% of customers check reviews for authenticity without knowing that a few reviews can be fake as well. But if these features serve to market your business you must solicit your customer to leave a review and rate their experience. A key factor is to answer the good and bad reviews and clear the issue if necessary. The reviews can help you update more frequently asked questions as well.

Relatability check:

Another key factor is to make your services relatable. what people are searching for? The frequently asked questions are another helping tool to understand customers’ needs.

Update your Information:

How to optimize your Google My Business Listing

To engage more people, you need to frequently update new information. This will keep your customers updated about certain changes that can give them a different experience. You can add promotional videos and videos to show new services in your business. The visibility of frequently added new updates helps engage more customers. Link the social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the best sources to make your services visible to more customers. You can post your updates with the help of engaging graphics. the more engaging graphics appeal to the eyes making details more readable to customers. these tools are the most engaging when it comes to marketing your business. An advanced feature is to make a business app and link it to your business profile. It will save time and effort and customers will be able to directly engage using your business app.

Hence, the more features you add to your listing, the better you be to show off your services to your potential customers.

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