SEO – Everything You Need to Know

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January 22, 2018
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January 29, 2018

SEO – Everything You Need to Know

It is always important to understand a marketing tool you are investing in. SEO is not always the easiest concept to understand, most business just invest in it because they know they need it. The good news is, you did the right thing investing in SEO. There is much more to search engine optimization than just ranking a website high on the search engines. In fact, once you understand the entire process you will feel even more confident in your investment in Auckland SEO services. In case you didn’t know what you were paying your SEO company Auckland for, now you will understand where all your money is going. Learn all about the SEO process and what it takes to get your website high in the search engine results:




The most important aspect of SEO is keyword search. Before you can execute a plan of action to get your website high on the search engine, you need to know which keywords you need to target. This means the most searched words that have a connection with your product or service will need to be targeted on each page on your website. For example, those who need a plumber might search for a plumber near me or best plumber. This means you need to include at least two of those keywords on each page on your domain. Your SEO Auckland team will work diligently to choose the highest ranking keywords that relate to your product or service and insert them into your website.


Creating Pages


Once the keywords have been established, the job of the paid SEO agency is to create new pages to help rank the new keywords. If you don’t have any relevant pages on your site, then you basically have no chance of ranking. All you have to do is get the keywords on all the pages on your website. If there aren’t any pages that use any of these important keywords, your agency will likely create new page content that includes the keywords. In other cases, companies prefer to create new pages that target these keywords, so their original pages aren’t touched. This is what is required to rank:


  • Every page includes the targeted keywords
  • Each page is unique in content
  • Keep the URL simple and to the point of the domain
  • Avoid targeting more than two keywords per page


Page Optimization


This is the techy part of SEO that clients usually never hear about. It is actually quite simple to understand, it may be helpful to you as the business to know what your SEO service is doing behind the scenes. Once the pages are established the SEO agency will then make modifications and perform technical back-end work to your pages, so the search engines can understand them in order for them to be ranked.


Link Building


Before you start thinking SEO is all about keywords, you need to learn about link building. Unfortunately, the SEO process is not finished. Although you chose the most popular keywords to include on your pages, which also means hundreds of thousands of other companies did too. Your SEO agency will build the ultimate link for your website to ensure search engines rank your business.



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