The Best SEO Strategies for 2018

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January 29, 2018

The Best SEO Strategies for 2018

SEO sounds amazing at first; and it is, however, what is SEO without doing it right? There is no point in betting your money on a marketing tool when you don’t know the best techniques and strategies. SEO is game-changing when done right, and we mean it. Businesses all over the world have flourished due to this game of keywords and page optimization. In order to win the game, you have to learn how to play the game. SEO isn’t an impossible concept to understand, it just takes a few minutes of your time to read and learn about how it works. If you want to achieve the ultimate success with SEO, here are the top 7 best SEO strategies for 2018:


  1. Understand the SEO Process


You may have heard of SEO as the marketing tool that gets your website on Google. However, in order to ensure your website actually appears on Google, you will need to fully understand the process of SEO. That includes keyword searching, page creation, page optimization and link building. Even if you’re paying an agency to perform Auckland SEO services for you it is important you understand the process to ensure they are doing an exceptional job.


  1. Don’t Expect Results Overnight


Just like with anything else in life, do not expect overnight results. However, SEO has proven to show results faster than any other Internet marketing tool. Think of SEO as a poker game between the agent and Google. It takes plenty of patience and adjustments because no one can fully understand how Google (or other search engines) works.


  1. Avoid Over Optimizing


Over optimizing means keyword stuffing or trying too hard when building links and making them too fancy. Google denies websites that do not look natural. Avoid adding more than 3 keywords per page, and you generally want to use the same three keywords on each page. Don’t go crazy with optimizing, just keep it simple.


  1. Content Is Everything


The most important part of your website and ranking high on search engines is having outstanding content. Every page must be well-written, clear and concise. Every article must provide value to your audience, giving your product or service purpose. Search engines tend to favor websites that have engaged readers, and you can achieve more engaged readers by always adding new content, keeping it interesting, and making it valuable.


  1. Use a Good Keyword Tool


The most asked question when it comes to keywords is how do you know which keywords are best for your company? First of all, do not ever start writing content on your pages without doing a keyword search. The most credible and popular keyword search is the Google Keywords Tool. This is where individuals can discover synonyms and keywords that are used in popular searches.


  1. Create a User-Friendly Website


This part is usually in the hands of your web design team and needs to be squared away well before you start the process with an SEO company in Auckland. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and the design needs to be attractive.


  1. Short and Sweet URLs


Ensure all your main keywords are in your URL but keep it short for best results from your SEO in Auckland. Short and simple URLs are the highest ranked websites on search engines.


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